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Artificial indoor plants can give your home a natural touch

Many people are hesitant to display indoor plants in their homes because these plants need a lot of care and maintenance in order to remain looking their best. However, artificial indoor plants from Flora Mystique are long lasting and require very little maintenance. Decorating with artificial indoor plants will give your home the same effect as if you were to use real plants, but with a fraction of the effort.

Peruse Flora Mystique’s large variety of indoor plants, flowers and trees and choose your favourites.

Why buy artificial indoor plants?

Artificial plants from Flora Mystique are expertly crafted from high-quality silk, making them incredibly durable and similar to real plants in appearance. In fact, your guests will likely not even notice that your flowers aren’t real. Great care has been taken to duplicate the minute details found in nature to create an illusion of authenticity.

Artificial indoor plants will not wilt after a few days. In fact, they will last you for many years. You will likely only need to replace them if you want to redecorate. In which case, you can put your artificial indoor plants in storage for later use. In order for them to remain looking authentic, simply dust your indoor plants with a damp cloth.

Real plants, on the other hand, will lose their leaves and petals regularly – even with the best care. Artificial plants eliminate the need to sweep up fallen leaves and petals.

Many people believe that being outdoors and surrounding yourself with plants can lift your mood and enhance your wellbeing. By positioning artificial indoor house plants around your home, you can create a positive environment.

Offices and workspaces can also benefit from adding an indoor plant or two to their decorating schemes. Providing a pleasant work environment can greatly enhance employee output and work quality – as well as make them happier.

What types of indoor house plants are there?

Just as plants are found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, so are artificial indoor plants. Whether you are looking for a small flower arrangement, a succulent plant bush with flowers or an areca palm tree, we have the right artificial indoor plant for you. Popular indoor plants include:

  • Green Agave plant – This artificial indoor plant is a unique looking succulent. Its leaves are spread open, mimicking a flower. It’s available in both green and red.
  • Fossil plant – This large plant spirals upwards and makes a striking centrepiece for an entrance hall. It is also available in an elegant container for added effect.
  • Tall aloe plant – To add an element of colour to your home, choose a tall aloe plant. Its bright yellow and orange flowers can brighten any room.

Browse our selection of indoor plants and select plants that will complement your home’s decor or contact us now for additional information on our range of artificial indoor plants, trees and flowers.

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