Exotic Artificial Plants

Exotic plants and flowers can help you to differentiate your decor and style from that of your friends and neighbours. While many people enjoy decorating their home with roses, aloes and proteas, you can choose exotic flowers to give your home a unique appearance.

In addition to our popular ranges of artificial flowers, trees and plants, we also offer a selection of artificial plants inspired by the east, including bougainvillea bonsai trees, dracaena flowers and plants, jasmine bushes and artificial Chinese trees. All of Flora Mystique’s products are carefully crafted to replicate the intricate details of genuine plants, and we use high-quality silk that is both durable and easy to clean.

Contact Flora Mystique now for more information regarding our range of authentic-looking artificial plants or continue reading to discover more about our exotic plants, flowers and trees.

Artificial bougainvillea bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are miniature trees that are specially grown in pots (to keep them small) and artistically pruned to create aesthetically pleasing shapes. However, in order for bonsai trees to grow effectively, one must spend much time caring for them and monitoring their growth.

Buying an artificial bougainvillea bonsai tree from Flora Mystique is an excellent way of owning one of these tiny trees without spending excessive portions of your time maintaining a real bonsai.

Artificial bougainvillea bonsai trees’ flowers are bright pink and will undoubtedly draw attention from your guests.

Artificial dracaena flowers and plants

Naturally found under the canopy in rainforests, dracaena flowers and plants are popular houseplants. However, the rainforest environment can be difficult to replicate within a home. Artificial dracaena flowers and plants offer a way to display these beautiful flowers anywhere in your home without creating its optimum environment.

Moreover, real dracaena plants only flower when they are mature and it can take many years before their flowers appear. With artificial dracaena plants, you can enjoy seeing their flowers at any time, regardless of the plant’s “age”.

Artificial jasmine bushes

Native to the tropics and warmer regions, jasmine bushes are rare and highly sought-after throughout the world. Artificial jasmine bushes from Flora Mystique mimic the lengthy leaf-covered tendrils that are accented by clusters of delicate flowers. The wild appearance of the jasmine bush’s tendrils is balanced by its elegant flowers to delightful effect.

Artificial Chinese trees

China is known for its exotic vegetation and there are many unique and interesting plants, flowers and trees growing there. Flora Mystique imports artificial Chinese trees that are accurate replicas of real trees found in China. Add artificial Chinese trees to your selection of replica plants and flowers to give your home a touch of originality.

Display artificial exotic trees and plants in your home

Plants have been used as decoration tools for decades and you need to choose your artificial plants to complement your decor. Selecting exotic plants can enhance the overall look of your interior design theme.

Browse Flora Mystique’s ranges of bougainvillea bonsai trees, dracaena flowers and plants, jasmine bushes and artificial Chinese trees to find the best artificial plants for your home.

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