Christmas Wreaths

Brighten your festive season with Christmas decorations from Flora Mystique

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year as families and friends gather to express their appreciation for each other by sharing large meals and exchanging carefully chosen gifts. A lot of thought and planning goes into creating the right atmosphere and many people spend weeks searching for the most beautiful Christmas tree and accompanying decorations.

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is an ideal alternative to buying an expensive real tree. Not only will an artificial tree not wilt and shed pine needles on the floor, but it can be stored and reused the following year, saving you time searching for another perfect tree.

Flora Mystique offers a selection of Christmas decorations that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the season and complement your festive artificial tree. Browse our selections of Christmas decorations, Christmas LED lights and Christmas garlands, and choose which ones suit your family’s festive traditions.

Christmas decorations

For many, putting up Christmas decorations is a tradition as every member of the family vies for the best position of their favourite ornament on the tree. Without decorations, a Christmas tree is just a tree. But add some bright baubles and tinsel and a tree becomes the focus of a room.

Flora Mystique also offers decorations such as artistically designed artificial butterflies, bright red bows, beautiful resin cherubs and jolly Father Christmas figures that can be displayed around the home to create a joyous environment throughout your house.

Christmas lights decorations

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the widespread availability of electricity transformed Christmas decorations and opened up a whole new way of creating a festive atmosphere. While many people still use candles in their December design scheme, the popularity and positive effect of Christmas lights are undeniable

Christmas LED lights from Flora Mystique can be used both inside to create a warm environment or outside to attract the attention of passersby. Our selection includes garden lighting, outdoor lighting, LED lights and curtain lights.

Artificial wreaths and garlands

Christmas wreaths and garlands outdoor decoration have been the favourite festive decorations of many for centuries, and continue to be popular. They offer a sense of tradition, history and rich culture that has filtered down through generations. However, coupled with modern aesthetics and colourful lights, floral wreaths don’t appear stale and old fashioned.

Choose a holiday wreath or garland from our range to add a touch of class to your seasonal decorations. Our selection includes wreathes with berries, wreathes decorated with strawberries and decorated stick wreathes.

Get into the spirit of the season with Christmas decorations from Flora Mystique

We at Flora Mystique know that Christmas is a special time for many people and, therefore, we offer top-quality Christmas decorations that can be displayed on or off our artificial Christmas trees to enhance the joy of the season.

Browse our selection of Christmas trees and decorations now to beat the December holiday rush.

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