Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Complete your special day with artificial wedding bouquets

Your wedding day is a day that you will likely remember for the rest of your life. The day is planned down to the very finest detail to ensure that the wedding couple can relax and enjoy the day. Artificial wedding bouquets can provide that lasting touch of elegance.

Flora Mystique specialises in offering realistic-looking artificial flowers that can complement your other wedding decorations and complete your wedding experience. Take a look at our ranges of artificial wedding bouquets and arrangements to find beautiful silk flowers that will enhance your wedding memories.

Why choose artificial wedding bouquets?

While artificial wedding bouquets from Flora Mystique are made from high-quality products and are almost indistinguishable from their authentic counterparts, there are several other reasons to choose artificial wedding bouquets for your special day.
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1. You can plan ahead of time

With so many decisions to be made, planning your wedding day can take months. And as the day arrives, stress levels can rise. Choosing artificial wedding bouquets is an easy decision because you can purchase them days – or even months if necessary – in advance and rest safe in the knowledge that they won’t wilt before your actual wedding.

2. You can choose from a wide selection of wedding flowers

Flora Mystique offers a large range of wedding flowers that can be used in artificial wedding bouquets, giving you the opportunity to select your favourite flowers or blossoms that match your decorating scheme.

Moreover, we offer many artificial flower arrangements that can be displayed at the wedding location and on tables at the reception. Choose artificial flowers that create your desired atmosphere for each wedding location.

3. Artificial wedding bouquets can be made on demand

We are able to create artificial wedding bouquets to your specifications. Simply choose flowers from our selection and we will create your bouquet. Small arrangements can be made up on the day that they are ordered – depending on the quantity required – and large arrangements can take up to five days to complete.

4. There is very little to clean up after your wedding

While a wedding is a joyous experience, cleaning up afterwards can be a chore. Because artificial flowers do not wilt, there are no artificial flower petals to clear off the floor after the ceremony. Simply pick up your arrangements and take them home.

5. Artificial wedding bouquets can last a lifetime

A wedding often only lasts a day, but the couple who gets married wants to remember it for a lifetime. Artificial wedding bouquets are durable and can be displayed in your home as a reminder of your special day for many years after the event.

Make your wedding special with artificial wedding bouquets

Flowers are an essential element of wedding decor and the benefits of choosing artificial wedding bouquets are plenty. View Flora Mystique’s selection of replica flowers to complete your wedding or visit our showroom to choose flowers for your bridal posy.

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