Artificial Trees

No gardening skills required!

They are the ideal addition to any office space or business arena, and add a warm touch to learning centers and recreational areas. Artificial trees, scarcely distinguishable from their real-life counterparts, have become widely used around the world, as they provide an easy, long-lasting and attractive alternative to delicate, living trees.

Specializing in importing artificial trees, flowers and plants, Flora Mystique sells an impressive range of trees, silk flowers and artificial plants. Designed to complement any environment, our selection ranges from the ficus tree and ever-popular bonsai trees, to the bamboo tree, wisteria tree and areca palm. Requiring no watering, feeding or pruning, and just the occasional dusting, these high-quality fake trees are ideal for any office, business or public area and even for your home.

Check out our complete range of artificial trees.

All of these trees can be ordered online, and delivered throughout South Africa.

What are the most popular types of artificial trees to buy?

Just like real trees, artificial trees come in various types and styles, and are identical in design to the real trees they are modelled on. Carefully crafted from high-quality materials, these trees are made to last for many years. Some of the most popular types of fake trees are bonsai trees, ficus trees, areca palms, phoenix palms, wisteria trees, jasmine trees and bamboo trees, all of which are available directly through Flora Mystique.

Our range also includes many other attractive trees, all of which add colour, vibrancy and a touch of class to any space. These synthetic trees can be placed anywhere, which means that even dark corners and other areas that are not appropriate for real vegetation are no longer off limits!

What are the benefits of using silk trees, and other types of artificial trees?

By far, the major benefit of using fake trees is the fact that they require little to no attention. If they accumulate dust, you can simply wipe down the leaves and restore them to their original condition. Artificial trees require no watering and no pruning, which means that when you buy bonsai trees, for example, you will not have to worry about carefully maintaining them. You also will not have to fret about wilting or fading trees, and you certainly do not need any knowledge of plant care!

Real trees are also expensive to purchase, and if they ail or die, need to be replaced. This can be very costly over time. Artificial trees are a once-off purchase, and last for many years. Plant food is not needed, which saves even more money. Particularly in corporate or public environments, plant specialists are usually hired to tend to trees and shrubs. Using fake plants cuts out the need for green-fingered experts, again saving you money.

A tree that appears to be healthy and thriving creates a pleasant atmosphere, whilst a withering one negatively affects the feel of a room – yet another reason to ensure that your plants and trees always look their best.

Order your artificial trees online, and we’ll deliver.

All of the artificial trees sold by Flora Mystique are available for ordering online, and can be delivered to you in any part of South Africa. Be sure to complement your range of artificial trees with attractive silk flowers or artificial plants. You can also contact us directly for advice, or to place a specific query.

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