Artificial Summer Flowers

Brighten your home with artificial summer flowers from Flora Mystique

As summer approaches, many plants are at their most beautiful, with bright and colourful flowers providing a delightful contrast to their usual green or brown appearances. A home decorated with summer flowers such as daisies, poppies and orchids can lift the mood of the people who live there. Imagine how you feel whenever you see flowering plants in summer. Now, imagine having that feeling every time you walk into your home. Unfortunately, summer only lasts for one season and summer flowers wilt and vanish until summer returns the following year.

Artificial summer flowers from Flora Mystique aren’t restricted by seasons and look their best all year round. Check out our extensive range of flowers to find artificial summer flowers that will complement your home or office’s decor.

Why choose artificial summer flowers?

During summer, people tend to spend a large portion of their time outdoors enjoying the sun, and they don’t have a lot of free time to spend tending to indoor plants. Real flowers need to be watered regularly and, if you want them to remain in pristine condition, you will constantly have to remove wilting and dying leaves. Artificial summer flowers only need periodic dusting to retain their aesthetic appeal, and they will never wilt. Flora Mystique artificial summer flowers are crafted using only high quality materials, giving them a realistic appearance that is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Moreover, with artificial summer flowers from Flora Mystique, your home can be decorated with brightly coloured plants all year round. Real summer flowers usually need to be placed in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. However, artificial summer flowers don’t photosynthesise and can survive in badly lit rooms. Your home’s atmosphere can feel like summer even in the cold winter months.

While artificial summer flowers are ideal for adorning the home, they are also perfect pieces for almost any location, including offices and convention centres. If your office feels a little dull, spruce up your desk with an artificial silk flower arrangement.

Popular types of artificial summer flowers

Summer flowers are some of Flora Mystique’s most popular artificial plants because they have the ability to brighten up rooms simply by being in them. Below are some of our most popular artificial summer flowers, all of which have their own characters and will complement any room in which they are displayed.

  • Artificial daisy flowers

Blooming in spring and continuing to flower throughout summer, the Daisy is an ideal example of a summer flower. Often used to decorate homes, the Daisy is reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise: bright and colourful.

Artificial daisy flowers provide plant lovers with an ideal winter decorating solution. They are well-crafted replicas of real daisies and have the same effect on a room’s atmosphere. Their small sizes allow them to be displayed unobtrusively, and while they may go unnoticed, their effect is undeniable.

Many people believe that the name Daisy comes from the term “day’s eye”. This is because its entire head closes at night and opens again in the morning; just like people close their eyes at night when they sleep, only to open again in the morning. By contrast, artificial daisy flowers are at their most beautiful at any time of day or night.

Check out our artificial daisy flowers for an arrangement that reminds you of a summer dawn – even on a winter night.

  • Artificial poppies

Poppies are beautiful flowers that predominantly grow in the wild. The most common type of poppy has a single vivid blossom at the top of a green stem. With brilliantly coloured petals angling upwards and forming a cup shape, poppies add striking accents to any flower arrangement.

Artificial poppies are just as aesthetically pleasing as their authentic counterparts. Made from high quality products, their appearance and texture will impress even the most astute guest.

Flora Mystique offers artificial poppies in a selection of colours, including bright yellow, orange-yellow and white. Choose artificial poppies to add the final touch to your flower arrangement.

  • Artificial orchid plants

Orchids are one of the most sought-after types of plant and they make effective decoration tools, eliciting sounds of delight from your guests whenever they come into view. With their unique appearance, orchids can be displayed on their own or as the centre of a simple arrangement.

However, orchid plants are temperamental and require very specific conditions in order for their flowers to blossom to their full potential. Artificial orchid plants are an ideal substitute for real orchids because they give rooms the same level of beauty, but require very little tending. All that you need to do is dust them periodically to restore them to their original arresting appearance.

Choose from Flora Mystique’s selection of artificial orchid plants, which includes burgundy and gold orchids and Cymbidium orchid plants.

  • Artificial silk flower arrangements

If you need a memorable centre-piece for your office or home, consider purchasing artificial silk flower arrangements from Flora Mystique. A selection of flowers displayed together often has a greater impact than a single flower has.

We offer an impressive array of artificial silk flower arrangements that can be made up from a variety of succulents, roses, hydrangeas or even fruit. Find artificial silk flower arrangements that best accentuate the tone of your home or office.

Allow summer into your home all year round with artificial summer flowers

Artificial summer flowers are ideal for people who want to take advantage of the benefits of displaying flowers but don’t have the time to maintain them. In the past, it’s been relatively easy for even an untrained eye to spot the differences between real flowers and artificial flowers. These days, however, artificial flowers are crafted to create a facsimile of reality.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, artificial summer flowers give you the opportunity to enjoy a summer atmosphere whenever you want. Peruse Flora Mystique’s ranges of artificial flowers, plants and trees now to select your favourites.

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