Artificial Silk Plants

Giving your home or office a fresh appearance

Plants have an undeniable affect on one’s home or office. Choosing the right flowers can both brighten a room and accentuate your interior design and decor. However, the moment that your flowers begin to wilt and die, they begin to have the opposite affect on your home’s aesthetic; they make it look dull, unattractive and messy.

Artificial plants offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to giving your home a fresh appearance without the hassle of caring daily for real plants. Furthermore, artificial plants from Flora Mystique are carefully crafted using high-quality silk products which give them an authentic appearance that is almost indistinguishable from real flowers, plants and trees.

Flora Mystique also offers a range of outdoor artificial plants that can be displayed in your garden, around an exterior fixture or leading up to your home’s entrance. Outdoor artificial plants are ideal for plant lovers who want to landscape their gardens with exotic plants that aren’t native to their geographical areas.

Take a look at Flora Mystique’s wide selection of superior-quality artificial plants, flowers and trees to find the ones that best complement your home’s interior and exterior design. Or contact us now to learn more about our authentic-looking silk flowers.

Where can artificial plants be displayed?

One of the most noteworthy reasons why artificial plants are so popular is because they can be displayed almost anywhere in your home or office. Many natural flowers and plants can only survive in certain environments. For example, plants such as proteas are native to South Africa and may not be able to survive in locations with different climates.

Artificial plants, on the other hand, can be displayed in climates that are starkly different from their natural counterparts country of origin. In fact, unlike real plants, replica plants don’t need sunlight, air or water to survive and can be displayed in badly lit or poorly ventilated venues.

Moreover, outdoor artificial plants can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. They can be positioned in areas affected by rough wind or high levels of rainfall. While constant battering by the elements may cause them damage, outdoor artificial plants and silk flowers are far more durable than natural plants, meaning that they retain their appearance for extended periods.

Artificial flowers – ideal for the home or office

As one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers and importers in South Africa, Flora Mystique offers a wide variety of different replica flowers, trees and plants, comprising outdoor and indoor plants. Whether you’re looking for colourful plants to brighten your living room or give your workplace a touch of elegance or class, you’ ll be spoilt for choice at Flora Mystique.

Real plants are notoriously difficult to keep alive in an office environment. Lack of sunlight and harsh air-conditioning are not conducive to helping plants flourish. Also, it is often difficult to ensure that real indoor plants are well cared for, especially when the responsible employee takes leave.

Artificial plants pose no such problems as they do not require sustenance. The maximum care that they require is periodic dusting with a damp cloth to keep them bright and pristine looking.

Buy artificial plants from Flora Mystique today

At Flora Mystique, we pride ourselves in our offering a wide selection of high-quality, authentic-appearing indoor and outdoor artificial plants. Each flower, plant and tree is carefully crafted to ensure that it is durable, long lasting and suitably realistic. Our fake flowers are almost indistinguishable from real flowers. Only those with a really keen eye will be able to notice a difference, and then only if they are taking an extremely close look.

Browse our extensive ranges of artificial plants, flowers and trees to see which of our quality products will best match your home or office decor. We also offer a selection of artificial flower arrangements that can make for a thoughtful gift, adding beauty to special occasions and celebrations throughout the year.

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