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Nothing adds life to a room quite like a bit of greenery. A lush-looking plant injects vibrancy into your living and working spaces, creating a colourful burst of energy that spruces up any room. But looking after real flowers and plants is often an arduous task: Flowers die quickly, and plants may wither and fade looking anything but vibrant!
Breathing life into your living spaces has never been easier

Thanks to Flora Mystique, you can toss out your ailing aloe plants and replace them with something that looks just as realistic, but needs far less attention. Artificial plants are rich in colour and provide an aesthetically alluring alternative to real plants. Requiring no water or sunlight, these fake plants provide all the benefits of real foliage, without any of the hassle.

Check out our wide range of artificial plants.

Flora Mystique offers a selection of artificial plants which are ideal for use in any corporate or residential environment. They are attractive and hardy, yet they are made well enough to avoid looking like “fake plants”. Set in striking vases and pots, each of these plants has been carefully designed to resemble its living counterpart, thus providing a real alternative to delicate living varieties.

Our selection of artificial plants encompasses an impressive array of options, from aloe plants and artificial trees to cacti plants and artificial flowers. Your choice is likely to depend on the size and type of room you wish to populate with plants, or the occasion you are using them for, and we are also able to advise and make recommendations.

Some of the most popular fake plants available from Flora Mystique include aloe plants – such as the aloe ferox as well as the agave plant, cabbage plant, river grass and cacti plants, including the beaver cactus, segment cactus and Mexican cactus plant. Whatever your taste, we have got a realistic-looking plant to match it.

Where can I use plastic plants?

The artificial plants sold by Flora Mystique are of a high quality, and can be used in many different environments. Our artificial house plants are ideal for residential use, such as in indoor gardens, while larger fake plants can be used in offices, entertainment areas, shopping malls and reception halls.

Many people opt to use artificial plants in their homes in order to create a colourful, lively environment and if you buy good quality fake plants, your secret will be safe! Indoor plastic plants, such as the aloe ferox, cabbage plant, agave plant and aloe plants, are some of the most popular options for home use, as it is virtually impossible to tell that they are fake! They will save you tons of time and energy, requiring only the occasional dusting or wipe. Best of all, they will look great all year round.

Purchase artificial plants today and rejuvenate any space

Flora Mystique’s artificial plants will add colour to any area, and because they require so little maintenance, they are the perfect option for any environment. View our range of artificial plants, artificial flowers and artificial trees now, or contact us with your enquiry.

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