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Quality silk flowers: An elegant addition to any environment

Today, most people have active lives and pretty hectic schedules. But even the busiest of folk want to live, work and relax in pretty environments. Artificial flowers are an ideal way to brighten any living, working or recreational space with minimal effort and virtually no maintenance. Fill your space with proteas, cosmos, succulent plants and poppies – enjoy the beauty of classic silk flowers with none of the hassle of real blooms.

Adding a burst of colour with artificial flowers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to rejuvenate living areas and corporate arenas. Best of all, the only attention they require is the odd dusting or wipe! Flora Mystique, one of South Africa’s leading purveyors of quality silk flowers and artificial plants, sells a range of attractive, authentic-looking fake flowers. Our selection includes replicas of South Africa’s most popular blossoms and plants.

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What are the top reasons for buying silk flowers?

Artificial flowers, and silk flowers in particular, add an elegant touch to any corporate or social arena, bringing vibrancy and colour to drab spaces. And, unlike their real counterparts, their effect is long-lasting. Silk flowers are convenient, cost-effective and non-allergenic, making them ideal for any setting.

There’s a common misconception that silk blossoms look like “fake flowers”, and that artificial flowers are not as aesthetically appealing as real ones. In the past, fake flowers were badly made and looked cheap. Nowadays however, high quality silk flowers look just as real as their genuine counterparts.

Our range of protea flowers, cosmos flower stems, poppies, succulent flower arrangements and various other silk flowers are true to real colours, and are made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and authenticity.

Where can I use silk flowers?

Silk flowers can be used in just about any setting, corporate or residential. Whether you wish to spruce up a dull reception area, add a dash of colour to your home, or create a sophisticated corporate environment, artificial flowers add warmth and elegance.

Many business owners enjoy adding a bit of colour or greenery to the work environment, and using silk flowers, artificial plants and even artificial trees in more spacious areas is the ideal way to do this. Busy homemakers who have neither the time nor inclination to tend to plants – or who wish to create a more permanent display featuring their favourite flowers – choose long – lasting fake flowers for a simple yet appealing solution.

The psychological and health benefits of seeing lush greenery and colourful flowers are proven, and for this reason, more and more people are relying on the use of silk flowers. And, thanks to the superior materials used to make them, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between fake flowers and the real deal.

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Flora Mystique sells a wide range of silk flowers, artificial plants and artificial trees, to anywhere in South Africa.

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