Artificial Animals

add a touch of the wilderness to your garden

Do you live in a suburb in which every house has a beautiful garden? Are you looking for a way to differentiate your garden from your neighbours’ gardens? Flora Mystique now offers a selection of lifelike artificial animals that can create an illusion of wildlife in your garden.

For many years, Flora Mystique has provided South Africans with high-quality artificial flowers that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Now, we’re branching out to offer our customers with an even more diverse range of products that includes artificial animals.

Up until now, Flora Mystique has chosen not to offer artificial animals because the general quality has not been of a high enough standard to offer to our discerning clientele. However, Flora Mystique is now proud to present our new range of authentic-looking artificial animals.

Browse our selection of artificial animals to choose some that will complement your garden.

With plastic animals, you can give visitors and passers by something interesting to look at. With their realistic appearance, Flora Mystique plastic animals will fool most people at first glance. Only with a closer look, does it become apparent that the buck in your garden aren’t real.

The small Bambi is a replica of a young buck with the wide-eyed inquisitive expression that is so commonly seen in young animals. These plastic animals can be purchased individually or in groups, giving buyers the option of having a herd of Bambis in their garden. These artificial animals are available in a variety of positions, mimicking the typical movements of the real animals on which they are based.

By contrast, the large buck is a replica of the adult woodland animal, complete with impressive antlers. Position this artificial animal under a tree, near a bush or, to create a display that will get your neighbours talking, in the centre of an open lawn. These large animals are also available individually, allowing you to choose how many you purchase.

Our plastic animals are crafted with the same level of care that is used to create our artificial silk plants. Only top-quality materials are used to create these lifelike artificial animals.

Contact Flora Mystique today for more information on our selection of artificial animals or to place an order.

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