About Flora Mistique

Artificial Flower Specialists

Forget the “fake flowers” of yesterday. Nowadays, silk flower specialists like Flora Mystique offer attractive products that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Our range encompasses a wide selection of products designed for residential and business use. Each of our silk flowers, artificial trees and artificial plants have is durable and easy to clean – and, best of all, provide a low-maintenance decorative solution for any space.

Artificial Silk Flowers

Flora Mystique’s selection of silk flowers includes some of the most popular varieties, including silk roses and silk orchids, poppies, bridal posies and tiger lilies. Our flowers are ideal for permanent displays in the home or office, or to add a sophisticated touch to a special occasion. We also stock artificial flower arrangements that make beautiful centerpieces in any home, office or recreation area.

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees offer all the aesthetic benefit of real trees without the maintenance. Requiring no water, pruning or special lighting conditions, they’re ideal for any area that isn’t suitable for a real plant. Brighten dark corners, liven up open-plan areas, or add an exotic touch to your home. Thanks to our striking selection of trees, including popular artificial palm trees, you can enjoy natural-looking beauty in any environment.

Artificial Plants

Flora Mystique offers one of the largest selections of artificial plants in South Africa. When it comes to decorating, our attractive plastic plants enable businesses, organisations and schools to save  money and time. Many of our fake plants come pre-potted, making them highly attractive and indistinguishable from their real counterparts. We also offer a selection of Christmas plants, decorations and arrangements.

Add class & elegance to your environment today

Artificial plants, flowers and trees offer an attractive decorating solution for any environment. They’re affordable and hassle-free, and come in many different varieties. Contact us today to make a specific inquiry, or view our complete selections of silk flowers, artificial trees and plants.



Flower rentals are now available to corporate companies. Please feel free to contact us for further information.