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Flora Mystique – Succulents

Small succulent plants available in different colors and sizes.
They are very real looking and lovely in small containers as a gift or decor item.

Purple Orchid in Garden Setting

The Orchid stem is a very real looking product with a definite orchid center. the orchids are manufactured from a raw silk product with a slight satin finish which gives it a very ornate look.

the orchid stems are 70cm long with 7 orchid flowers and 3 buds on the top end of the stem. A small root system at the bottom. Available is assorted colors. Please ask for quote as the stock is often sold out.

This orchid has been used in a garden setup with logs roots and leaves. Beautiful displays are made with orchids. They are also beautiful in a container with orchid leaves and are often purchased as gifts.

Scenesio Hanger Plant

The Scenesio plant has a common name ‘ the pea plant’. It is a beautiful extra for a hanging basket.

This plant has become very popular and is only available in green. the long pea stems are 90cm long with some stems short.

There are 12 stems op green peas on one plant bush. All the small peas on this bush are the same size.



Small Succulent Plants

An assortment of small plants are available for small containers or miniature gardens