Flower Bushes


Rhododendron bushes are available in Orange and Cerise pink. These bushes are perfect for making up pot plants. And when doing gardens they are beautiful fillers for color.

Rhododendron bushes have 4 large stems with thick foliage and bright flowers and buds on the ends.

Sml Rose Bush

The small rose bush is used for small baskets and small flower arrangements. Often used for buttonholes for weddings. The roses are small and the colors definite not mottled.

The rose bushed have 9 stems with 3 roses each and the little roses are 3cm wide. Available in ivory pink rust cerise pink and red.

Flower Arrangements

Arrangement with Succulents and Grasses

Succulent arrangements have become very popular. The colors are outstanding and there are no flowers involved. The arrangements are compiled with different compositions of grasses, bushes and succulent or small aloe plants.

The succulents are available in assorted colors and sizes. These can be made up in small vases or large containers.

Blue Hydrangea

Arrangement with blue hydrangea flowers
These flowers are availble in an assortment of colours

Cherry Blossom Arrangement

Blossoms are available in stems of 70cm with 3 branches. The colors are suttle. These popular stems are available in white pink and cerise.

Lavender Arrangement

Assorted Lavender bushes have been used to compliment this stunning silver vase. Lavender bushes are available singularly. Ask for quotation.

Available in bushes and pics for very small posies. Lavender is popular winter and summer as the lavender color is calming and peacefull.


Mixed Flowers

Succulents available in assorted styles and colors.

Mod Arrangement in Brown Vase

Simple but stylish arrangement done with Bird of Paradise and Grasses. Plain ceramic vases are available in different colors.

Phalaenopsis Orchid FM531C

The beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid is available in Ivory Purple and Cerise.
This arrangement is done with the white Phalaenopsis Orchid and a mass of leaves with roots. It can be done in a large or small bowl.

Purple Orchid in Garden Setting

The Orchid stem is a very real looking product with a definite orchid center. the orchids are manufactured from a raw silk product with a slight satin finish which gives it a very ornate look.

the orchid stems are 70cm long with 7 orchid flowers and 3 buds on the top end of the stem. A small root system at the bottom. Available is assorted colors. Please ask for quote as the stock is often sold out.

This orchid has been used in a garden setup with logs roots and leaves. Beautiful displays are made with orchids. They are also beautiful in a container with orchid leaves and are often purchased as gifts.

Single Orchid in Vase

Single orchid in a small vase is delicate and attractive.
Any small vase is suitable for the miniature orchid

Small Plant Settings

An assortment of small plants are available for small containers or miniature gardens

Small Succulent Plants

An assortment of small plants are available for small containers or miniature gardens

Sunflower Arrangement

Traditional Sunflower Arrangements are still popular. Always nice looking in any container

Sweetpea Arrangement

Masses of Sweet peas make a beautiful display. The colors are bright with a satin finish. For easy cleaning the sweet peas are made from a silk fabric.

This flower arrangement is 45cm tall and always looks fresh.

Potted Flowers